Café des Cascadeurs

One of my favorite dining places at Disneyland Paris the Café des Cascadeurs, indeed the oldest building along the resort as it is a real american dining cart for the 50th, formerly known as The Excellent Diner in the United States. Then moved to Germany and finally ended up at the Walt Disney Studio Park in Disneyland Paris.

Although it opens only occasionally and has a very limited number of seats available it is the cheapest table service restaurant within the parks. Menus start from around 16 Euros and all Menus consists of Burger which are fresh prepared.

If you get a seat at the counter you can even watch your burger getting prepared and grilled. And you have the opportunity to listen to songs from an old, still working jukebox.

If you want to dig deeper into the history and story of this unique dining experience I recommend the Magical DLP podcast episode .

While listening to this episode you can enhance your experience by clicking through the images here cause these are the mentions ones in the episode.

An open question is whether the diner is going to stay or to be removed after the Studios Park back lot transformation into Marvel Land. Current blueprints let assume the Café remains but with a name change. Let´s see what it will be look alike in 2021…